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January 8, 2013
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An Offer I Couldn't Refuse
Mafia! N. Italy X Mafia! S. Italy X Reader X Godfather! Rome

Two pistol shots were fired off a bunch of male voices exploded into cheers and raucous applause. But just as quickly as it had begun, it died down again.

"My grandsons! Welcome to the family! And now that all the formalities and boring stuff is finished, we can move onto the fun part… starting with a little present that I have for you both."

With that, the darkness that I had been abandoned in was broken; the double doors were yanked open. Two men in suits grabbed me by my arms, pulled me out of the closet and threw me into the middle of the room.

I turned in a full circle and found that I was surrounded by an insane number of men, all dressed in crisp suits. Some wore fedoras. Others had their suit jackets off, revealing their vests and dress shirts. Some had very attractive women on their arms. But the one commonality they all had was that they were leering and whistling at me.

And I didn't like it.

I had no idea why I was there or what they wanted with me. All I did know was that I was heading out for a date earlier that night. I was very excited for the date; I had worn my little black dress, my best make-up, and I had ironed my hair out for this guy. I had barely gotten out the door of my apartment building when I was, suddenly, grabbed by some suits and shoved into a car where I was suffocated into unconsciousness.

I stood, awkwardly, as three men stepped forward.

The tallest among them was obviously in charge of everyone, which meant that he was the one who had me taken there in the first place. His skin was olive tanned and his hair was dark brown and slicked back. He looked over me, rather please with himself.

The other two were young than leader, but they look like twins. They both had sun-kissed skin and reddish-brown hair with strange bang curls. The only noticeable difference between the two boys was that one had scowl on his face while the other smirked.

The trait that connected these three men by genetics was their identical amber eyes. It didn't matter what expression was on their individual faces; six lust-filled, sticking eyes pierced through me, forcing me to tear my gaze away from them. My arms even crossed over my chest, trying to hide my body even though I was perfectly covered.

The leader advanced toward me and walked around behind me. His large, heavy hand fell onto my shoulder, making me cringe as he turned back to the younger boys. "Veneziano. Romano. My boys. You're both 18-years-old and you have joined us today. You're grown-up. You're men. And every man needs to have…" He took a moment to move his hand from my shoulder to caress my cheek. I turned away from the touch as he continued to speak. "… a beautiful first conquest." All the men in the room snickered at the innuendo the made my eyes go wide and my cheeks go red. "Sadly, my men could find only one young lady beautiful enough to conquer. You two don't mind sharing, do you?"

The smirking one said, in a laughing voice, "I think we can make due Grandpa. Right Romano?"

A less enthusiastic voice said, "We'll cope."

The leader's voice took on an amused tone and said, "Then she's all yours." With a rough hand, he shoved me over to the two boys. Each one caught one of my arms, keeping me from falling to the ground. I didn't dare look either of them in the eyes because I felt them scrutinize me like a scientists looking into a microscope.

"So how was she Grandpa?"

"What ever do you me, Veneziano?"

"Oh, come on, Grandpa. Don't tell us that you didn't… test her waters."

My eyes went wide as the blush crept back into my face.

With a chuckle, the leader answered. "This is about you boys, not me. I left her to your… tender hands."

"Oh, Grandpa. This seems took great a kindness with out getting something in return… why don't you join us tonight?"

I couldn't tell whether everyone is the room was laughing at the presented idea or my tomato red face.

"Well… I was only planning on observing you three. You know? To make sure that she didn't leave you both unsatisfied… but if you insist…"

'Oh, God help me.'

Once the raucous had died down, the scowling one said, "Why wait? Shall we get started?"

Before I could blink, the twins had link their arms through mine and were escorting me (more like dragging me) through some double doors and down a hall with the leader taking up the rear. I struggled for the first couple of feet until I felt a pistol press against the small of my back. After that, I walked on without a fuss.

I was pushed through another set of double doors at the end of a long hall.
The room was quite luxurious; hard wood floors covered by exotic rugs. A mini-bar with all the prohibited stuff. Fresh wall paper. And a huge king size bed in the middle, covered in emerald green sheets.

Of course, when I saw the bed, I just about had a heart attack.

The boys had pushed me so hard that I fell to my knees. As I sat there, panicking, the three of them were discussing who would do what to me. All I really heard was that 'Grandpa' was going to take my mouth because he wanted the boys to have the 'good bits'. Then, he said they were going to flip a coin to see who got front and who got back for this first time. After that day, they'd have to switch off.

I started looking for a way out and, happily, found a small, open window that lead to a fire escape. I looked back at the group to make sure that they weren't looking before I started to tip toe my way to the window.

Right as I was about to step through the window, a gunshot went of and broke a lamp that was near me. I screamed and fell to my knees again, clenching my eyes shut and covering my head with my hands as I shook with fear.

After some silence, heavy foot steps made their way over to me. A huge, rough hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet.

I was face to face Grandpa. He was smirking down at me, holding his revolver in his free. He pushed the barrel under my chin, making me tense, cringe, and grimace as I started to lightly cry.

"If you behave, little girl, we can make your life very easy. If you don't, we can make your life very short and very difficult. Capiche?"

I whimpered as I nodded.

"Buona." He released me and whipped my tears before walking back over to the twins. They all relinquished their pistols and slipped off their suit jackets.

With that, Grandpa turned back to me and beckoned me over with his curling index finger. I did so, timidly. Apparently, I didn't get close enough, because Grandpa pulled me closer till I was right in front of his towering figure.

"My, my. This one is timid. I think you boys may have to do her first job for her."

My first job?

Veneziano chuckled. "I think we can handle that, Grandpa."

Romano grumbled, "Shouldn't be too hard."

With that, Grandpa turned so that we were both facing the twins. He pulled me in front of him so that my back faced towards his torso. He forced my arm over my head and created a single-handed shackle around my wrists.

"Have at her, boys."

With that, the twins began to undress me. The smirking one circled his arms around behind me and started working at my black dress zipper while the scowling one slipped my heels off my body. I started to protest and struggling but Grandpa's free hand latched onto the scruff of my neck, forcing me to stiffen and freeze as he reminded me of his threat. My dress fell to floor when it was unzipped. With my shoes set off and set aside, the scowling brother slid his hand up my legs, leaving shivers in his wake. He felt his way around my waist, searching for the top of my pantyhose. Once he found it, he peeled my panty hoes right off my leg. After that, his brother grabbed the hem of my under slip and pulled it over my head, leaving me in nothing but panties and brassier. Despite my embarrassment at my own body, those articles of clothing were quickly whisked away.

So there I was, naked in front of three intimidating men.

Veneziano, suddenly, spoke up. "You know Grandpa, this girl seems so modest. Too modest. I don't think she's even been kissed."

Grandpa looked down at me. "Well, little girl? Have you ever been kissed?"

I looked down, embarrassed by the scrutiny, and shook my head.

"You really did pick up a nun, Grandpa… but not for long."

"Veneziano, you already get her front. Why don't you let your brother have the first kiss and grope?"

Veneziano started to pout and Romano stepped up to me. He grabbed me by the chin and forced my face up before he crashed his lips onto me. The impact itself was hard enough to bruise and the entire kiss was not any lighter. His tongue passed over my lips a few times. I guess I didn't give him the reaction that he wanted, because when I didn't move, he bit my bottom lip. This caused me to jump and gasp. He took the moment to shove his tongue into my mouth. It was so strange to have his pink muscle exploring every bit of my mouth. And the sensation became stranger when his rough hands gripped my breasts painfully. Despite the pain, there was this flowering of… pleasure? He pinch my little nipples, causing me to slightly arch my back even more (It was already starting to arch because Grandpa's hot breathe was on the back of my neck).

Right when I was about to pass out from lack of air, Veneziano pulled Romano off of me and took his place. His kiss was less painful but not any less passionate. It didn't last long though; he was unsatisfied with just squeezing my breasts, so he leaned down and latched his mouth onto my right nipple. Oh, how it felt to have him suck my pink flesh into a pert little bud. Light moans started to fall from my mouth, making Veneziano smirk against my mounds. Once the little circle was red from wet abuse, Veneziano switch over to the other breast, giving it the exact same treatment. By the time he was down, my head had fallen back in bliss.

As the boy pulled away from my breasts, I hated feeling the absence of warmth. My disappointment must have been apparent on my face because the men started laughing. Even the scowling one.

Grandpa's hand slid from the back of my neck to the front, pushing me to look up at him.

"You make some very dirty sounds for a nun.

Suddenly, my original modesty and embarrassment returned. The heat that rivaled the sun returned to my face. I couldn't believe that I would sound like that. Or feel those things.

When the men were done laughing at my face, Grandpa said, "Well, back to business. Romano, you'll find what you need in the second dresser drawer over there."

Romano nodded. He walked over the dresser that Grandpa had mentioned. He opened the mention drawer and pulled out a bottle of white liquid. Bottle in hand, Romano went to the end of the bed. He unbuttoned and unzipped his suit pants and dropped both his pants and his underwear. He was completely naked and fully erected as he sat on the edge of the bed, causing me to avoid looking at him. Or rather his… thing.

While still holding my hands over my head, Grandpa turned me around to face him and started walking me backwards towards Romano.

Once I was right in front of Romano, Grandpa stepped to my right side and whispered in my ear, "Bend over."

With wide eyes, I looked at him. Then, I looked over my shoulder as best as I could. If I bent over, my ass would be right in Romano's face.

I knew long before that time what these men intended to do to me, but when this happened, I started asking myself how they were going to do it to me.

"Bend. Over." Grandpa was getting impatient. Not good.

I slowly bent my upper half over.

"I think you know what to do Romano."

A moment later, slippery, cold, wetness made contact with my ass and started dripping down my crack. The temperature made my back arch deeply. I threw my head back, throwing a squeal out as I did. Another squeal came out when I felt Romano's rough fingers sliding down my crack, spreading the liquid and massaging it into my flesh. And when I felt his middle finger push into my back whole? Oh, god! I knew it was wrong but I wanted more… and I got more. After many moments of pulling the first finger in and out, a second finger was added. He started moving the fingers like the two blades of a pair of scissors. It was a little painful as he stretched me open, but the feeling of being full was just too good.

So good that when Romano pulled his fingers out, I whined for them. It was really amusing for them to see that I had gone from a timid, scared virgin to practically begging for it.

I looked over my shoulder to see why Romano had pulled away. The answer was that he was covering his member with the same liquid that he had just put on his ass. I couldn't understand why it was so arousing to watch him stroke himself and spread the liquid, but it was.

"Ready, Romano?"


"Hold her open."

Romano's hands reached up and grabbed both of my cheeks, causing me to squeak. After giving them a nice, firm squeeze, Romano pulled my cheeks out and started pulling me down. When I felt his tip against my back whole, I, finally, knew what was happening.


Too late. With a swift pull, I was impaled onto his member. He may have prepared me with the cream and his fingers, but his penis was far bigger than his two fingers. It hurt. A lot… But it also felt… sooooooo good.

Once I got settled on his penis, a naked Veneziano pushed me so that Romano fell onto his back and I fell on top of him. Veneziano crawled on top of us, straddling Romano's legs but sliding under mine. But instead of sliding his erected member into my correct hole, he did the same that that Romano did; plunged two fingers into my entrance stretching me out in preparation. The tips of his fingers were just touching my virgin wall. Combine that with the fact that my back door was filled to the brim, and I think you can understand the shocks of pain that went through me.

"She's dripping wet, Grandpa. Virgins are so easy."

"Then, take her, Veneziano."

"Hurry up, stupid! I want to get started!"

With that, Veneziano pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his member. He was a bit bigger than his brother, so it hurt more, especially since he was breaking down my virginity. I bit the inside of my cheek, which modulated my scream down to a high pitched groan. The tears broke from my eyes and flowed down, but Veneziano lapped them up, licking his lips before he pull away.

They didn't even ask if I was ready. They just started pulling in and out, thrusting into me alternatively. Romano went in when Veneaziano went out and visa versa. There was still a dull pain in my lower regions, but the friction between me and the two boys, eventually, rubbed, massaged, and numbed the pain.

I was so focused on Veneziano and Romano, I didn't notice Grandpa had stripped down to nakedness until he straddled my face, shoving his HUGE penis right at my mouth. I almost gagged on it as it pressed the back of my throat. Grandpa started pulling thrusting with the twins. At first I didn't know what to do about it. Then, I realized that the muffled moans that the twins were forcing out of me were vibrating against Grandpa's dick, which he really seemed to like. And when I ran my tongue around his circumference, he gave a very satisfied sound that sent me into even more arousal.

I started wiggling between the twins, and they must have known what I wanted. They increased their speeds, pounding me with frantic movements. I felt Romano's hand snake around my waste and start rubbing at the little button outside my entrance. This prompted Veneziano to take my hands and place them where his hands were; under my knees. Once I was holding onto my own legs firmly, Veneziano reached up and grabbed my breasts so tightly, I could feel his nails digging into my flesh.

By that time, I was screaming with pleasure against Grandpa's cock, making him yell with pleasure to.

I could feel this knot in my lower regions being pulled so tightly by the conflicting pleasure. On right movement and that knot was going to break. And I wanted it to break badly.

Suddenly, Romano and Veneziano stopped their alternating strokes and shoved into me at the exact same time. Venenziano hit the front side of a button buried deep with in me, and Romano hit the back side of the same button.

That was the movement I was looking for.

The pleasure nerves in my entire body went into shock, making every last inch of me shake with pleasure. My muffled scream jumped an entire octave as I felt my ass and pussy constrict around the twins' cocks.

This caused the twins to let out their own sounds of great pleasure as they released something warm inside of me. The warmth in my ass and pussy made my shaking hips gyrate wildly, trying to milk the boys for all they were worth. All three of our orgasms must have last for at least a minute.

When they were over, Romano went limp under me and Veneziano fell forward slapping his face into my breasts.

When I tried to get my breath back, I realized that I still had to breathe through my nose; Grandpa was still trusting. And he trusted for a good five minutes before he pulled out and released his warmth onto my face. I was too tired to do anything about it, so Grandpa obliged and, with surprising tenderness, whipped my face with a wash clothe.

"Time for bed everyone."

The twins started complaining like two five-year-olds.

All of this was a real switch from their early personalities. It was confusing to me.

The boys helped me to lie vertically in the middle of the bed. Romano laid down to my lift and Veneziano laid down to my right.

Once Grandpa was fully cleaned and dressed in his suit again, he pulled the sheets over all of us.

"Welcome to the family you three."

Three? I was part of the family too, now?

He walked out, saying goodnight and turning out the lights as he left.

In the dark, I felt two strong hands grab each of mine. Then, two sets of lips pressed to both of my cheeks.

"Goodnight, Bella."

"Yeah, yeah. Goodnight."

"… Goodnight Veneziano. Goodnight Romano."
Sorry it's been so long since I've written one of these, but I hey, I making up for it because this one is long.

I keep doing dub-con stuff. What wrong with me?


... And yes the title is from the Godfather.
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