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August 26, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
General! Roman Empire

We were dragged into the throne room of the Roman Emperor.

Nothing covered our dirtied, coarse feet. We were dressed in ragged dressed that were far too. The shackles around our wrists were connected by a long, rusty chain. There was dirt, bruises, scratches, and dried blond all over our bodies.

The only part of our bodies that was not dirty and messy was our hair.

It was no secret that these barbarians lusted after our golden hair. We were told horror stories about these monsters that would take our people and make them into slaves just so they could take our hair for themselves.

We heard shouts from the ruthless, sex-charged men. We were afraid for our lives and virginities as we walked down the gauntlet of the throne room.

We stood before the Roman Emperor as he looked us all over with sadistic pleasure.

The man who had captured all of us was a General of the Empire's Army. He was very tall with brown curly hair, dark brown eyes, and bulging, tan arms. He stood in front of the Emperor in his military uniform, yelling dramatically.

"You highness! After I learned how much you and the members of your court enjoyed the golden locks of the North, I promised you that I would travel there and bring you back riches aplenty. I have returned and brought with me nothing less than the finest golden hair the North has to offer… not to mention the finest maidens. Consider them my gift to you! My you live long and lead our Empire to greatness!"

All the men started cheering for the Emperor's health and the prosperity of Rome. The Emperor stood from his chair and gave the General a friendly handshake.

"Thank you, Marcus! You have been a good friend and good General for me… But I'm sure this journey was long and difficult for you. You're going to need something… Or someone to revive you…" The Emperor gestured to us. "So why don't you keep one of these fine gifts for yourself. Take your pick! You can have any one you want!"

The men in the room started cheering, encouraging the General to take the Emperor's offer. With a chuckling smirk, he started at right end of the line, looking us up and down as he, slowly, made his way down. No one wanted to look him in the eye.

Even with my eyes fixed on the floor, I still felt him when he stopped in front me and stared me down. I felt that same stare when I was first kidnapped. My village was in a panic, everyone running around, trying to fight or flee. I felt a shiver go up my spine and, when I turned around, I saw the General looking right at me. I turned and fled. But no one on this earth can outrun a horse. I didn't even make it to the end of my village before I was tackled to the ground and captured. I could feel those eyes drilling into my head as he examined me and it was all I could do to not cringe at the feeling. He chuckled and moved down the line.

Once he had finished moving down the line, he moved behind us, examining us from the back. More specifically, our hair; that was the only thing that made us valuable.

Once again, I felt him stop and stand behind me, locking his eye back onto me. I manage to keep that cringe suppressed until I felt his rough fingers touch the ends of my tied-back hair. The moment he made contact, I lowered my head and, stiffly, raised my shoulders. I clenched my eyes closed, wishing that he would leave me a lone and that I could go home. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, he wrapped his entire hair around my pony tail and, with a tight grip, pulled on it so that my head was tugged back. My eye shot open and met with his upside down, stern face. Before those dark brown orbs could send any more fear into me, I clench my eyes shut again.

There was silence.

And, then, the General said, "I'll take this one."

The men in the room gave sexual cheers while my world fell deeper into darkness. The General released my hair, letting me hang my head in feared shame. My shackles were, roughly, disconnected from the shackles of the other girls. My chain was given to the General and the moment that he had it in his hands, he, violently, tugged me towards him. My body was pressed right up against his, making me turn my head away in blushing embarrassment. The Romans were laughing at my obvious, scared, virgin actions. The General gave me a dark chuckle. The other girls looked on in apologetic sympathetic.

"Your highness, you won't mind if I retire early, will you~?"

"Of course not, Marcus! You've had a long journey; you should get to bed early~?"

It didn't take a genius to realize what they were getting at.

With his tight grip still on my chain, the General grabbed my left arm and started dragging me down a marbled wing of the palace. As we moved through the corridors, I caught more pitying looks from other slaves. Some were for the North, like me; their beautiful hair and been cut short. Others were so foreign-looking to me.

Finally, we came to a set of double doors. The general opened one of the doors and pushed me into the room before following me, closing and locking the door behind him.

The room was large, white, and elegant. Candles were light everywhere. There was a large, canopied bed right in the middle of the room, which, immediately, frightened me. There was a long fountain along the wall which also acted as a bath.

I kept my back to him, still hanging my head, desperate to make myself smaller. I heard him walk up from behind me. He ran his hand through my hair as he brushed past me. I turned my head away from his touch.

He made his way over to the fountain, undressing himself as he walked. He threw off his cape and slipped out of his armor, dropping both, carelessly, to the marble floor. His wrist and ankle gauntlets soon followed. He was left in nothing but the bottom half of his war uniform. I only let my eyes look up at him a few times, but as he rubbed water over his body, I saw that his sculpted chest was slightly dirtied and had a fun cuts, bruises, and scars.

I had stared for too long; he stopped scrubbing his body and snapped his head in my direction. I snapped my eyes back down, gazing at the floor. A chuckled echoed around the room.

He started walking towards me and I started to back away. Because his legs were longer than mine, his wide stride aided him to reach my chain before I could get away fast enough. I picked up the chain and tugged me towards even more violently than he did the first time. He started, lightly, pulling at my long bangs.

"If you want my hair, just take it." He stopped moving and silence hung in the air. "If that is all you want, you can take it. I won't stop you. I'll do anything. Just let me go."

He swung me around by my chain, forcing my back to face the bed. He started pushing me back towards it as he spoke. "I don't want the golden locks for myself. I want a golden haired son who will be worshipped by Romans everywhere... and I don't care what it takes."

There was no getting out of this.

I hit the edge of the bed and was forced to sit.  He crawled on to the bed and knelt behind me, pulling the chain so that my shackled hands were held above my head. His free hand slipped under his pillow, producing a small dagger. I snapped my eyes shut in fear of my life. The cold steal slipped under the shoulder of my ragged clothes and cut through them, letting the fabric fall down to my waist and expose my breast. I tried to lift my knees to hide my body, begging for the General to stop. He chuckled, tossing the dagger to the side, and, huskily, whispering in my ear, "Not a chance." His free hand slipped around me and squeezed my left breast, forcing a protesting squeal to emit from my throat.

A moment later, he moved from behind me, throwing onto my back before crawling on top of me. His right hand kept my chained hands above my head while his left hand slipped down my body and snaked itself under my waste, forcing my body to arch towards his. As he felt his way around, he brought his mouth to my neck, attacking with kisses, sucks, and bites. I wriggled in his arms, trying to stop his or free my chained hands to push him away. His amused chuckles rumbled through his chest, creating a strange sensation on my torso. He enjoyed watching me squirm.

He released my wrists and, instead, gripped my round breasts. The moment he did, a scream came from my mouth, prompting him to cover my mouth with a single hand.

"You can scream all you want; no one will save a slave."

He slipped his hand away so that only a finger covered my lips. His face loomed right over mine. His hot breathe add to the heat that had built up in my face.

"Besides, your screams will excite me and I'll be quicker to take your body."

With that, his hands returned to my breast and he started rolling them around. Despite his warning, whimpers and moans still came from my mouth. As he squeezed my breast, he lowered his face to my cleavage, rubbing his nose along my skin before licking and kissing the sensitive spot there. His touch sent a shiver down my spine, making me arch my body towards him again reflexively. Before I knew it, his mouth had latched onto my right breast, suckling at the nipple as I screamed again. My other nipple was occupied but the General's rough fingers. My squirming resumed as he abused my bosoms, switching which one he would suckle every so often.

Without warning, I felt his rough hand slip under my ragged dress. When we were capture, we were forced to relinquish our under garments, so there was nothing to keep is hand from feeling my tingling entrance. With a panicked scream, I snapped my legs closed, trying to stop him from touching me. He chuckled at my feeble attempt to protect myself before he slipped his hand back out, only to rip the rags off of my body. When I tired to bring my legs up to hide myself, the General sat on my legs to keep them down. He broke his gaze from my eyes and fixed them on my virgin area. His big, rough hand reached out and rubbed his hand over the area, running his fingers through my bodily hair.

"This will give me the son that I want."

His fingers slid from my hair and stroked down my folds. My body shook at the touch, earning another chuckle from the General.

He pushed himself off of me and stepped back. He undid his uniform bottom and let it fall to the ground, revealing a male body part that I had never ever seen before in my life. My eyes went wide; between the size of the anatomy and the realization that he was really going to do it, I went into panicked shock.

I tried to back away on the bed, but the General grabbed my ankles and pulled me back towards him. Before I could make another move, he spread my legs open and slipped his leg under my knees, positioning his limb at my entrance.

He held me down by my shoulders and lowered his face to mine, pressing our lips together. I felt his tongue push past my lips and explore my mouth, refusing to let my tongue fight back.

At that point, I felt his member push into me, ripping my virgin wall down. I screamed into the General's mouth as tears spilled down my face. I could feel him tearing me up because he was too big.

Once he was completely sheathed in me, he stopped moving and stopped kissing me. Light, pained sobs escaped my lips as the General, quietly, told me to shush. He kissed away the tears that were at the corner of my eyes. He pulled on my chain so that I was sitting on his lap. He pulled my chained hand over his head, forcing me to embrace him.

Once I was settled, he started bounce me on his lap, pulling in and out of me. There was still some pain when ever I went down, but the pain, slowly, evolved into unimaginable pleasure. I let out small squeals every time I went down. Our sweat-covered bodies stayed together. My legs, eventually, wrapped around his waist and my head rested on my right shoulder. The friction started to build. My body began to tighten while his started to throb. He started slamming me down on him with more power and speed. I could feel myself become increasing hot, light-headed, and dizzy. With a scream, I became blinded by white. The General sprayed a foreign substance into my womb and, I knew, that it would make me have a child.

We came down from this feverish high and I became limp in his arms. He laid us on our sides and took my arms from around his neck. I undid the cuffs on my shackles, revealing my chaffed, red skin. He took my wrists in his hands and kissed both of my wrists right where my veins were.

Exhaustion took over me and I fell asleep.
The reason why the reader is supposed to be blond is because
TRUE FACT: The Greeks and the Romans loved blond hair so much. Obviously, they couldn't grow their own because of genetics. So, they would cut the hair of their slaves from Germania and use that hair to make wigs.

I don't know who would consider this as rape, but if anybody does, I'd like to say that any one who rapes is a coward who doesn't deserve to live.
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